Bruna Ruiz Planella


Bruna Ruiz Planella was born in Barcelona in 1996, she graduated from the “Escac” Film School of Catalonia, specializing in artistic direction. After graduating, she found a form of expression in painting and drawing. Her works evolve towards a more expressionist art, focusing on portraiture, gesture and color. In 2018 she exhibited a total of twenty works at the H20 Gallery, becoming one of the young artists selected for the Art Nou initiative. Two of her works were chosen to be exhibited at La Capella as part of a group exhibition. In 2020 she exhibited again at the H2O Gallery together with Ana Arsuaga within the framework of the Barcelona Gallery Weekend. During that same year she moved to Scotland to study painting at the Leith School of Art in Edinburgh. In 2022 she traveled to South Africa where she lived in a tree house with a monkey, which she established a special bond with and begain to draw him daily; Later, with these drawings, she developed her first illustrated book for children. She currently alternates between painting and illustration and conducts creative process workshops with children. Her illustrations are subtle, with a fine and expressive line.

Read more about Bruna’s residency project in her own words…

“Within the framework of this artistic residency, I hope to continue the development of a series of life drawings. This project has been an integral part of my work over the last few years and revolves around exploring the act of walking and drawing. The genesis of this project took place in Scotland during 2022, and although it was paused for a time, I believe that this residency, with its surrounding natural environment, is the perfect opportunity to resume and deepen this initiative that has such a special meaning to me. The connection with nature and the space that this residence offers are essential for the evolution of my project. The peace and tranquility of the place will allow me to immerse myself in the experience of walking and drawing, and I hope that the final results will be a visual representation of this connection between nature and my artistic expression. In addition to continuing the series of life drawings, I would like to continue developing the final details of a children’s story that I have been working on for the last year.”