Oriane Deschamps


Oriane Deschamps (Paris 1995) After studying hypokhagne and khagne, Oriane left for New York to work for two years in film production. In this context, she produced her own clip, Samuraï, for the artist Joakim, directed by Blanca Li.

It was in 2017 that she returned to France to film in the second feature film of her career, Brillantissime directed by Michèle Laroque (she had filmed in Comme t’y es belle by Liza Azuelos in 2006). She then began a theatrical training at the Eva Saint Paul course then in 2020 at the Salle Blanche, a school created by Xavier Gallais and Florient Azoulay.

She toured again in 2019 with Michèle Laroque and Stephane de Groodth in Each Home. In June 2022 she is on the bill of Deconstructing Peter, a free reinterpretation of the myth of Peter Pan, co-written with the students of her class and directed by Xavier Gallais.

Recently, her work has opened up internationally, she has just shot in an American series with Michael Douglas.

She is currently adapting a short story by Zweig for the screen and has just finished writing a children’s play called Cléptônose which will be performed in the spring of 2023.