Paula Errando


Paula Errando, 1983. Graduated in Dramatic Arts in 2005 and in Humanities in 2014, she began her career as an actress participating in the film ‘Teresa, el cuerpo de Cristo’ by Ray Loriga (2006) and the following year starring in ‘El Sí de las Niñas’ by L. F. Moratín. Having made these forays into the world of acting, Errando became interested in theater direction and worked under Carles Alfaro as assistant director from 2006 to 2013 in five productions (Teatro de la Abadía, CDN, Teatro Libre, Sala Planeta ). ‘Una obra sense actors’ was her debut feature as a director and in 2022 she premiered ‘La casa sin Bernarda’, at the Center de les Arts Lliures (La Brossa) and was selected for the Season Alta 23 Festival.


In Paula’s words…

“During my residency I would like to rediscover the existing material after 30 days of rest and silence regarding this creative process: the theatrical adaptation of the chronicle “Silencio administrativo” by Sara Mesa. This project requires me to enter and exit the process to understand what I am doing and understand what the path is. After the first phase of exploration and manipulation of the text, these days I will enter the second phase. Always with uncertainty and without really knowing what I am going to find or what I am going to need to do. The initial hypothesis is to read the current version, return to the original and focus this time on two challenges: one of them is to find the voice of each of the two characters (adjust the style) and the other is to organize the information within the language

On the other hand, wiht this project I am interested in working on the concept of listening and time. Theater is basically time and space and this project is largely based on that agreement established between creator and audience. How far can the viewer commit without knowing what awaits them?”